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Covenant Continues to Offer Free Webinar Series of Industry Leaders in Cyber Security.

Covenant Continues to Offer Free Webinar Series of Industry Leaders in Cyber Security.

Covenant continues to offer our Free Webinar series of industry leaders in Cyber Security. We have lined up a great set of speakers this Spring, who will give you 30 minutes of food for thought. Sessions include discussions around current cyber threats, cyber tools and cybersecurity tips practiced by real- world subject matter experts. Featured speakers include:

April 2015: TK Eppley Chief of Staff Silent Circle, LLC

TK Eppley is the Chief of Staff at Silent Circle. He manages a dynamic company of thought leaders at what Fast Company calls one of “The World’s Top 10 innovative Companies of 2015” which has created the world’s first Enterprise Privacy Platform. In a post Sony world where Privacy and Security is no longer a CSO/CIO issue, but a Board Room Issue, Silent Circle’s Suite of Hardware, Software & Service make it the trusted advisor and provider of Enterprise Privacy Products. Mr. Eppley is at the forefront and speaks frequently on matters of Personal & Enterprise Privacy.

May 2015: Aurobindo Sundaram Vice President – Information Security Assurance & Data Protection Reed Elsevier

Mr. Sundaram is responsible for all aspects of fraud detection, investigations, and incident response for Reed Elsevier, including the protection of $4B in annual revenue, 15000+ employees, and services provided in 100+ countries for the LexisNexis brand. He works with Reed Elsevier divisional CTOs and divisional CISOs to implement security initiatives and programs that achieve the organization’s mission, goals and objectives. Chair the RE Information Security Council (ISC), the body that sets security strategy for the company and ensure that the agenda of the ISC reflects the key security concerns of the company as identified by the company’s CTOs.