assessRisk_1600Cyber resilience is no longer an afterthought and a cost. It is an essential component of any business or national strategy that seeks to be successful and sustainable.

Just how safe are your networks? What – or who – poses the greatest threat to your enterprise?
To know what you need, you must first know where you are. Covenant Security reveals an accurate picture of your cybersecurity posture and shapes an effective mitigation strategy. In fact, we have risk assessment down to a science

Here’s How It Works:

Step 1: Analyze
Our security risk identification processes assesses your security situation and plots out various possible outcomes of a breach. It identifies risks in several areas across your enterprise, including technical and policy controls. More important, you discover the expertise level of your personnel—and how adept each staffer is at putting security processes into action.

Step 2: Prioritize
Your assessment becomes a reliable road map of security risk areas. We classify risks by severity—high, medium and low. You know precisely which security solutions or processes would best mitigate areas of great concern. And you can set priorities to tailor an effective solution that balances your schedule, budget and security risk tolerance.

Step 3: Minimize
It’s time to formulate your management plan. Covenant helps you develop a strategy that empowers your organization to mitigate security risks in the most critical areas. This plan also helps monitor just how well your organization maintains its desired security posture.

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Vulnerability Assessment Service

A vulnerability assessment is a process that identifies, quantifies, and prioritizes (i.e., by the creation of a hierarchy) the vulnerabilities in an environment.

Our Vulnerability Assessment Service Identifies Your Security Weaknesses

Attackers gain access to and exploit your environment through vulnerabilities that exist across your systems and applications. Your risk exposure is heightened due to the fact that Internet connected applications and systems hold data that have an inherent monetary value.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as birthdates and social security numbers, customer and client contact information, employee healthcare data, company plans and designs, intellectual property and competitive business information, and credit card numbers are easily converted to money by cyber criminals. These intruders are determined to obtain all data with a “street value” greater than the penalty they face if caught. A vulnerability assessment can help you understand where your protection is deficient and allow you to begin proactively eliminating intrusion opportunities.

The Covenant Security Solutions Vulnerability Assessment Service will illuminate defects within your network that can be utilized by attackers. Our certified security engineers will assess your organization’s susceptibilities by employing the best commercial and publically available tools as well as manual techniques. As risk assessment professionals, our experienced experts provide information assurance and security services to both private and public entities including the most highly classified operational systems within the Federal Government. While custom options are available, in general, our vulnerability assessment will evaluate your firewalls, routers, web servers, databases, and network connected devices.

Assessing RiskWhat Our Vulnerability Assessment Service Will Do For You

Provide A Network Security Evaluation

Help your organization by testing for and discovering vulnerabilities and network security gaps combined with recommendations that will allow you to take specific steps to improve your security posture.

Answer Your Most Important Security Questions

  • “What cybersecurity weaknesses do we have?”
  • “How can we address our cybersecurity liabilities?”
  • “What should we remediate first?”
  • “Which issues are the most critical?”

Test Your External And Internal Assets

Externally testing your environment will reveal vulnerabilities exploitable by an attacker outside of your organization attempting to break in. Internal testing will expose vulnerabilities within the systems, applications, and network infrastructure that reside behind your trust barrier.

Help You Meet Your Compliance Requirements

Our Vulnerability Assessment Service can help your organization meet periodic compliance requirements by scanning your environment for vulnerabilities and providing a list of remediation objectives.

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