Ransomware: Are you prepared for this cybersecuirty threat?

A week does not go by without us hearing the term ransomware.   The most recent case was the “WannaCry” cyber ransomware attack, which spread globally and has caused roughly $1 billion USD in damage and is still growing.   It also infected approximately 300,000 computers worldwide.  As we recover from this latest version of ransomware, let’s pause and understand what exactly this “ransomware” is that has all of us concerned.

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The Integration of SOPHIA with the People, Process, and Technology

SOPHIA (Security Operations and  Intelligence Analysis)  converges physical and cyber data for Intelligent decisions to mitigate and detect cyber attacks and prevented others by ensuring the people, processes, and systems  are protected with methods of resiliency.

SOPHIA is an globally accessible platform that provides an intelligent cyber and physical security management and critical risk software console.

SOPHIA will enable the security of all assets to be fully integrated. Every action becomes fully auditable with management information available at the touch of button, enabling your organization to have full visibility of security across all your locations.

Through SOPHIA’s salient, timely, accurate and filtered information feeds are automatically passed to selected staff 24/7. The management platform is mature and reliable. This ensures a comfort level that is meaningful and every part of a professional innovative security strategy.

SOPHIA is a suitable product for any corporation wishing to provide a consistent approach, an integrated security platform, the ability to measure / audit plus risk and cost reductions.

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Hacking Healthcare IT in 2016

Among all of America’s critical infrastructures, the healthcare sector is the most targeted and plagued by perpetual persistent attacks from numerous unknown malicious hackers, intent on exploiting vulnerabilities in their insecure and antiquated networks in order to exfiltrate patient health records.

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