January 14, 2016 covenant

Covenant Now Offers CATERS.

Covenant Awareness, Training and Education Resource System (CATERS)

Our education and training program is designed to offer cybersecurity awareness training and certification programs to government, academia and the private sector, domestically and abroad. Our product line includes white papers, webinars, free courses, instructor-led and eLearning courses hosted on the Covenant Awareness, Training and Education Resource System (CATERS) learning management system. Please see our course catalog.

CATERS hosts our training marketplace which includes free courses through our partnership with The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). Upon registering for an account in CATERS students have 24/7 worldwide access to a variety of cybersecurity training and awareness tools. Watch “Cyber Security Training.” on YouTube.

Covenant offers training and tools of various sources to influence the security culture in business environments world-wide, unlike any other cybersecurity solutions provider.

Our mission is to:

  • empower people (world-wide cybersecurity workforce)
  • educate the cybersecurity community using strategically devised processes
  • offer unsurpassed product line to promote cybersecurity awareness, training and education
  • leverage partnerships to validate the power of collaboration in delivering relevant, real-world solutions through relationships that complement our uniqueness in strengthening end-to-end security and trustworthiness throughout cyberspace.

There’s strength in numbers; our strategic partnerships set us apart from other education and training providers and demonstrates how we complement each other. Our partners support CSS in fostering a marketplace community for the cybersecurity workforce. CATERS serves as a 1-Stop Shop for Cybersecurity Awareness, Training and Education resources and services.

Our goal is to:

  • bring worldwide awareness to the importance of protecting our assets
  • offer innovative, customized education to stakeholders world-wide on industry best practices
  • ensure appropriate tools are available to promote the protection of assets in assorted environments

Through collaboration CATERS delivers value and educates the workforce by way of hosting awareness, training and education products that have been built and proven effective by the top talent in the field (iron sharpens iron). Our boots on the ground serve as subject matter experts in building our product line. We offer the total package enabling our cybersecurity workforce to work more effectively.