Need an experienced security engineer to support your cyber goals?

  • Integration
  • Technology analysis
  • Architecture & Development

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You can design, create and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.


Getting the right intersection of technology, people and processes goes a long way to support a robust cyber risk management goal. The key word here is “right intersection.”

As part of Covenant’s holistic approach to security, our security engineer team tailors solutions that synch with your enterprise’s culture, your mission and your specific risk areas.

You can depend on Covenant to deliver value at each phase of the system development lifecycle:

Concept Exploration

Our team is comprised of Subject Matter Expert (SMEs) with each member having a decade or more of expertise to select or develop the optimal cyber solution. We’ll define the near- and long-term security impacts, as well as the Security Concept of Operations, Use Case Scenarios and other artifacts necessary to define how we will mitigate expected risks.


Bringing a concept to life starts with defining the security architecture and allocating the cyber requirements across all components. From there, we conduct security trade studies to determine the best products, processes and solutions for your organization with regard to your needs, budget and schedule. Covenant SMEs support the design development of enclaves, architectures, testing and analysis or tools.


Once your solution is ready to launch, Covenant will ensure it’s up to the task with our testing process which includes security functionality validation that goes beyond scanning that are tailored to your environment based on your risk model. We also provide support for the documentation required by your organization’s security audit and compliance processes.