Organizations often lack real-time awareness of trends in cyberspace and too often find themselves in a defensive posture.

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Our unique approach combines working with organizations to understand their business mission and how cybersecurity intersects with this mission through people, process and technology. Our vantage point is inside out, we help create the culture and governance structure so from the front desk receptionist to the Executive Board cybersecurity becomes an asset not a liability. We embrace the importance of being proactive and implementing processes and training to mitigate cyber business risks.

SOPHIA and Threat Convergence Problem Space:

Covenant Security Solutions, Inc. has looked at one of the emergent issues facing our clients and that is getting a strong handle on how physical and cyber threat data can be utilized to bring a stronger situational awareness for an organization. Everyone gets lots of information, but what is actionable and how do you manage it?



SOPHIA (Security Operations and Intelligence Analysis), this platform will utilize sensor data from physical, cyber and additional sources fused together for a centralized intelligence on where your risks reside and a way to manage and respond in near real time. Below is a sample of what SOPHIA will provide:

  • Operating as a live notification tool to executive management during any incident
  • Supporting fire evacuation planning and auditing
  • Rolling stock inspections/security checks
  • Contains intelligent station, depot and premises plans
  • Sustains Health and Safety integration and compliance
  • Delivers ‘real time’ incident flow management
  • Assists in the prevention of hostile reconnaissance
  • Informs trend and gap analysis
  • Provides station/depot search plans
  • Facilitates the management of protest and occupation incidents
  • Provide control room solutions
  • Guides Business Continuity Planning
  • Assist in the integration of Access Control and CCTV
  • Oversees the integration of fire control management
  • Life Safety investigations
  • Travel management
  • Audit program for all events
  • Smart alerting of trends and gap analysis
  • Integrating with other platforms
  • Need a provider to assist you in continuous monitoring of your risks?

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